Tunnelling under the Barbican

BA Chair, Jane Smith, recently had the opportunity to visit one of the tunnel boring machine sites under the Barbican and this article gives her impressions of what she found to be a fascinating experience.  There aren’t too many perks from being chair of the Barbican Association – but I think visiting a Crossrail tunnel boring machine probably counts as one. Certainly, when I was offered the chance to visit TBM Elizabeth digging the eastbound tunnel under the estate on her way to Farringdon, I jumped at it. Jane Smith in full Crossrail visitor gearin one of the TBM tunnels under … [Read more...]

Did the earth move for you?

The first of the Crossrail Tunnel Boring Machines (TBMs) Elizabeth has now nearly passed completely under the Barbican and is close to Lauderdale Tower, while the second, Victoria is, at the time of writing, under Willoughby House and Brandon Mews about 0.2km behind. The writer is unaware of any Barbican dwellers having been disturbed by the machines passing under us – and the lakes don’t appear to have drained into the tunnels. (At one time there was a suggestion that the Barbican’s Lakes might have to be emptied prior to the TBMs passing underneath.) The Barbican Association’s Chair, … [Read more...]