Barbican one-bed flat sells for over £1 million

In our Christmas issue of Barbican Life in 2013 we asked the question as to how long it would be for a one-bed Barbican apartment to reach the £1 million sales mark.  With property price rises seemingly slowing down over the past year we might have thought that the £1 million one-bed had moved further into the future, but Estate Agency Frank Harris has just circulated a flyer round the Barbican reporting the first sale of a one-bed apartment to achieve the £1 million landmark price – a level  which would have seemed beyond the pale only a few short years ago. We understand the sale was … [Read more...]

Barbican Flatwatch – Spring 2015

Are London property prices about to crash? We have recently had our attention drawn to a slightly alarmist article (for property owners, but perhaps not for purchasers) suggesting there is a high chance of a property crash for London homes. Although we suspect that if it happens it will be more severe in some areas than others – and sought after property in a micro market like the Barbican might perhaps fare better than homes in some of the outer boroughs.  But while, as we noted in the last issue of Barbican Life, perhaps the froth has gone from some of the asking prices, there is little … [Read more...]