Uncertainty still reigns

It has become apparent from talking to our local Estate Agents that uncertainty about the potential for rises and falls in Barbican apartment purchase prices is continuing.  The froth has probably come off some properties on the market seen as overpriced and looking at movements in London house prices over the past year a significant part of the overall percentage decline, or weakening in advances – depends whose figures one takes - problem may well be the plus £925,000 homes which now attract a higher level of stamp duty (10%) – and there are/used to be an awfully large proportion of Barbican … [Read more...]

Barbican Flatwatch – Spring 2015

Are London property prices about to crash? We have recently had our attention drawn to a slightly alarmist article (for property owners, but perhaps not for purchasers) suggesting there is a high chance of a property crash for London homes. Although we suspect that if it happens it will be more severe in some areas than others – and sought after property in a micro market like the Barbican might perhaps fare better than homes in some of the outer boroughs.  But while, as we noted in the last issue of Barbican Life, perhaps the froth has gone from some of the asking prices, there is little … [Read more...]