City Point About Turn

For those who had noticed, the Bad Egg restaurant in City Point had become Little Smoke, except at weekends when it reverted to serving the very popular Bad Egg bottomless brunches.  However the Little Smoke concept didn’t last long in the City and the restaurant has reverted to being Bad Egg full time again.  As the Little Smoke website comments: “Our Little Smoke experiment has now ended and has returned to its spiritual home of the Smokehouse blackboard in Islington.  It’s been a lot of fun and we would like to thank everyone who visited.  For more information on Smokehouse, to book a … [Read more...]

A Bad Egg Breakfast

A Bad Egg breakfast No – that’s not a description of an unfortunate occurrence at the breakfast table, but a review of an early morning (relatively) visit to one of our newest and closest restaurants which is open for breakfast from 8 am - perhaps unaptly named Bad Egg.  It is located next to Wagamamas in the City Point complex between the Barbican and Moorgate Station.  Indeed it is probably the nearest restaurant geographically to my apartment in the Barbican, although it is run close in this respect by Caterina 55 and City Boot (which is alas not long for this world as it will shortly … [Read more...]

Modern take on Chicago Diner – Bad Egg opens in City Point

Not sure about christening an eating establishment Bad Egg, but that is the name of the new restaurant which has sprung up next to Wagamamas in City Point the big office complex by Moorgate Station.  This makes it perhaps the nearest eating place to residents of Willoughby House. Bad Egg in City Point off Moor Lane The new restaurant is a set up to be a modern take on the Chicago diner, and is brought to us by Neil Rankin and Noble Inns.  Inspired by contemporary Chicago diners and featuring an eclectic all-day menu with bold flavours from around the globe, Bad Egg is acclaimed chef … [Read more...]