Great meal and service at Chiswell Street Dining Rooms

Living in the Barbican we are seemingly blessed with a substantial number of restaurants all within a few hundred yards of our dwelling places, but some are noticeably better than others in terms of gourmet-style dining while others may be more suited to the more casual, and perhaps due to pricing, more frequent dining occasions. One which does fall into the gourmet dining category is Chiswell Street Dining Rooms (CSDR) and a recent dinner there certainly did not disappoint. The restaurant is probably the ETM Group’s flagship gourmet restaurant, with others run by Ed and Tom Martin’s … [Read more...]

A Bird revisit

One problem with being invited to review a restaurant is invariably such invitations come shortly after a new establishment opens and hasn’t had time to settle down.  Thus it’s always valuable to go back and take a second look after say a couple of years, to see what’s changed and to get an idea of its popularity, and that is exactly what we have done with Bird of Smithfield. Bird is former Ivy  executive chef Alan Bird’s eponymously named restaurant in Smithfield Street opposite that rather mundane section of the Smithfield market buildings which is reportedly to become the future home … [Read more...]