Uncertainty still reigns

It has become apparent from talking to our local Estate Agents that uncertainty about the potential for rises and falls in Barbican apartment purchase prices is continuing.  The froth has probably come off some properties on the market seen as overpriced and looking at movements in London house prices over the past year a significant part of the overall percentage decline, or weakening in advances – depends whose figures one takes - problem may well be the plus £925,000 homes which now attract a higher level of stamp duty (10%) – and there are/used to be an awfully large proportion of Barbican … [Read more...]

London Property Price Tube Map

Online estate agent eMoov.co.uk, has released its latest research charting the average house price across each of the 280 tube stops on the London Underground network. The research highlights where on the London Underground offers the best value where house price is concerned, as well as the largest gap in average house price between two stops. Across the tube network even one stop can make a big difference in property price. Although not the largest gap in price on the tube network, the most notable is certainly Wembley Park to Finchley Road. The average house price in Finchley Road … [Read more...]

Barbican Flatwatch – Autumn 2015

As usual there seem to be plenty of differing views as to what property prices are doing around the country, in London itself, and even in differing parts of the nation’s capital.  It depends whose latest survey you read, but what has to be encouraging for property owners, although perhaps not so for property-seekers, is that nearly all these price surveys suggest that property prices are continuing to rise in prime areas – and the Barbican is very much a prime area. The level of price growth though remains contentious with Nationwide saying prices in August rose the least in percentage … [Read more...]

Barbican Flatwatch -Summer 2015.

Post election euphoria revitalising market The property sales market had entered something of a hiatus period in the January to March quarter ahead of the General Election , particularly at the higher end of the market with plus £2 million properties particularly affected in view of Labour’s proposed Mansion Tax.  Not that there are many apartments that yet fall into that price bracket here in the Barbican bar the six tower block penthouses (and the new Blake Tower ones) – and these don’t often become available.  However, it may not be long now before we do see well appointed and positioned … [Read more...]

Barbican one-bed flat sells for over £1 million

In our Christmas issue of Barbican Life in 2013 we asked the question as to how long it would be for a one-bed Barbican apartment to reach the £1 million sales mark.  With property price rises seemingly slowing down over the past year we might have thought that the £1 million one-bed had moved further into the future, but Estate Agency Frank Harris has just circulated a flyer round the Barbican reporting the first sale of a one-bed apartment to achieve the £1 million landmark price – a level  which would have seemed beyond the pale only a few short years ago. We understand the sale was … [Read more...]