Mark Hix in praise of oysters

Time flies when you’re having fun and this April it’s the HIX Oyster & Chop House 10th anniversary. When I broke away from the Caprice group after 18 years of second-to-none experience and working with some great people in the industry some of which are still there now including Tim Hughes and Jesus Adorno-s. The Oyster & Chop House was a small restaurant compared to Scott’s, J Sheekey, The Ivy and Le Caprice, but for your first site on your own it fitted perfectly in the heart of Smithfield. We opened in times when serving meat on the bone was a tad controversial with BSE - and … [Read more...]

Mark Hix gives us his views on game and British Oysters – both now in season

The game and native oyster season is upon us and aside from other great British ingredients like asparagus and strawberries and gull's eggs, our native oyster and game bird season is probably the most significant of all amongst serious foodies. I shoot game birds myself but not in an en masse, shoot everything in the sky kind of thing on these big driven shoots, which I find a tad shocking and irresponsible as most of the birds shot don't really end up anywhere and get buried. I'm a believer in cook what you catch or shoot which makes the whole thing more sustainable and enjoyable. There's … [Read more...]

Tom’s Kerridge’s Next Big Thing In Food

Successful - and newly slimline - independent chef Tom Kerridge is busy looking for Britain's top British food supplier.  Nick Harman interviews Tom. Few UK pubs boast one Michelin Star, let alone two, but chef/owner Tom Kerridge and his wife Beth were the very first to achieve it in 2007 with the Hand and Flowers in Marlow. Tom Kerridge   But as Tom explains, climbing the gastronomic heights wasn't really their intention when they opened in 2005, just business survival. "The aim was simply to be a place that served great food in an environment that everyone felt … [Read more...]

CHEF’S CORNER – Angela Hartnett

Viva Italia Celebrity Chef Angela Hartnett talks about her Italian heritage, how she learned to cook and what Gordon Ramsey was really like to work for.   Angela Hartnett   Having begun her career as the protégée of the famously fiery Gordon Ramsay, chef Angela Hartnett has gone onto make a name for herself as one of Britain’s most well-loved chefs. Her trademark style is simple but sophisticated Italian cuisine, a love of which was instilled in her by her Italian grandmother and mother. The 46-year-old is now Chef Patron and owner of the Michelin-starred Murano in Mayfair, … [Read more...]

Chef’s Corner – Interview with Raymond Blanc

In 1972, Frenchman Raymond Blanc moved to England, finding work as a waiter at the Rose Revived restaurant in Oxfordshire. When one day he was forced into the kitchen by a chef taken ill, Blanc’s career suddenly changed direction. Since then, the self-trained chef has earned himself Michelin stars, opened his own restaurants, and established The Raymond Blanc Cookery School. Now the chef explains just how this came to be, and what British food means to him. Q: What was British food like when you first moved to the UK? Thirty years ago, England was a very different place. Food was … [Read more...]

Dining with Doherty

Camilla Davies caught up with Daniel Doherty, the chef at the helm of The City’s exciting Duck and Waffle restaurant on the 40th floor of the Heron Tower on Bishopsgate. With summer fast approaching, Daniel discusses fine dining and the pressures of big city culinary cuisine. With the landscape of fine dining ever changing, Daniel Doherty believes that even that the expression itself should be examined. Rather, he’s in favour of a different culinary ethos. “I’d like to see the notion ‘fine dining’ sort of disappear, so you're creating forward thinking refined food but in a much more … [Read more...]