London property price rises beginning to fade? By all accounts, the summer has seen something of a cooling off in London’s house prices and the Barbican is unlikely to be an exception so perhaps the dream for Barbican owners of a plus £1 million one-bed flat may be fading for the time being.  But this has not yet turned into real price falls or collapses according to the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS), or to our local estate agents, and the Barbican tends to be more insulated than many areas from downwards price fluctuations anyway because there is a relatively limited … [Read more...]

Flatwatch Summer 2014 – Is the Barbican in a bubble?

As we in the Barbican see asking prices for Barbican Flats head for the stratosphere we have to ask how long can this go on before there is a significant correction?  Take the latest view of the webpages for those Estate Agents specialising in Barbican properties and one finds even one bed apartments (the larger ones in the more favoured blocks) as coming in at around the £900,000 mark and rising, while high-up 3 or 4 bed tower block flats with a favoured aspect are getting near the £2 million level as are some of the other largest apartments in the low rise blocks.  Even large studios are … [Read more...]