Personal Finance

Further thoughts for the pandemic season In my last article I shared some observations about managing cash deposits and investments in this period of uncertainty resulting from the global pandemic. Whilst this is a worrying time as regards your health and your financial well-being, it can also be a time to take advantage of a number of planning opportunities. Let’s first of all look at what can be done with your estate planning. If you’ve done your sums and worked out that your pensions and investments are more than sufficient to take care of your needs, now might be a good time to … [Read more...]

Personal Finance

The New Normal In my last article I wrote about the pros and cons of about managing your own planning and investment strategy. I was aiming to return to the theme of inheritance tax planning and to share a number of ideas that would stimulate food for thought. What a difference a few months can make! Whilst the need for estate planning remains a central concern, the even larger one now is to survive the pandemic. The two are not mutually exclusive of course! In early February I watched the news like you. I was therefore aware of the  situation in Wuhan and also of the covid 19 cases in … [Read more...]

Investments and Pensions

My regular readers will be aware enough of the emphasis I place on estate planning. The reason for this is straightforward enough: having spent a lifetime building up family wealth, you are loath to see nearly half of it go into the government’s coffers to be spent on not always deserving causes. Given the choice you’d be rather more comforted by the thought that your children and grandchildren will benefit from the careful husbandry of your wealth. Financial planning also involves other basic motivations however. If for example you have a capital sum to your name it is only natural you … [Read more...]

Unsettled markets and planning for the future

With the general election just having been called for the 12th December by Parliament as I write, you may by the time you are reading this be fully up to date on what on earth is going on. This of course depends on the precise date on which the magazine lands on your doormat and on when you are around to be able to stoop down and pick it up! However it’s not certain that even with the election results in you or I are any the wiser. A hung parliament doesn’t bear thinking about! One of the arguments I occasionally hear regarding the timing of a planning review is that it’s best to wait for … [Read more...]

Not just summer’s lease with too short a date!

The last issue of the magazine celebrated the Barbican at 50. The excellent opening article gave me pause to reminisce on the many happy years we spent in Willoughby and Speed. As I frequently visit the Barbican, happily wandering down memory lane on the highwalks, I don’t actually feel as though I’ve left. In fact the entrance buzzer in Speed still bears our name! Among the highlights of our time in the Barbican was my wife, Nina’s birthday party held on Speed Lawn with some 80 or so friends, family members and neighbours in attendance. Kebabs were delivered by the Mangal in Dalston, the … [Read more...]