Eating for Health

Edited by Stephanie Ross with content by Catherine Sharman, Nutritional therapist and Chef/Co-Founder Après Food Co Ltd, 72 St John Street, Farringdon, EC1M 4DT (online ordering available of Après at home tasty, nutritious restaurant meals to eat now or freeze for later) All about minerals | All about vitamins Corona viruses: there are many species that produce respiratory and gastrointestinal illness in humans and animals. Four strains cause the common cold. The pandemic corona virus SARS-CoV-2 causes the disease labeled COVID-19, which has distinctive clinical and … [Read more...]

Insight Arts Review

Janet Wells’ takes us online for her quarterly review of the Arts, Gallery and Museum scene As we are in an extended period of Lockdown; I have been looking around to  see what major Art Galleries and Museums have online; and what motivational art programmes on tv or google are currently out there. Chanel 4 has Greyson Perry Art Club:  I had to register into Ch 4 and then I watched on my phone.  Thankfully, this is not a “how to do” programme. Keith Tyson and Quentin Blake recently launched @isolationartschool – which you can find through Instagram BBC4 are promoting another Life … [Read more...]

Personal Finance

The New Normal In my last article I wrote about the pros and cons of about managing your own planning and investment strategy. I was aiming to return to the theme of inheritance tax planning and to share a number of ideas that would stimulate food for thought. What a difference a few months can make! Whilst the need for estate planning remains a central concern, the even larger one now is to survive the pandemic. The two are not mutually exclusive of course! In early February I watched the news like you. I was therefore aware of the  situation in Wuhan and also of the covid 19 cases in … [Read more...]

Month of Sundays

Over lockdown, the City’s streets have been pleasantly pre-Big-Bang quiet but let’s enjoy this moment to contrast that with our newly energised Barbican Estate neighbourhood.  We are seeing and sharing more with our neighbours now than ever.  I don’t mean to knock the old guard here; we know that we have a very solid group of generous volunteers who represent us on Barbican related committees so we can hold our own with developers and the City.  I’ve been here for 30+ years, though, and I’ve never seen such a huge new wave of altruism and neighbourliness.  Where our young professionals don’t … [Read more...]

Local Acupuncture Clinic

We've received an update from Fleur Clackson about a local multi-bed acupuncture clinic, where 3rd-year students, supervised by very experienced acupuncturists,  administer treatments. The clinic is keen to let local residents know of their existence (located in Old Street, 3 minutes from the station) and the very reasonably priced treatments the teaching clinic offers (just £15 or £10 if patients are OAP, receiving benefits, or are students). Having been shut down due to Covid 19, they reopened on July 14th with approved COVID measures and precautions and treat each Tuesday between … [Read more...]

Sitting Comfortably?

Advice from Caroline Rugman at Charterhouse Physiotherapy who has a few suggestions to  help anyone who is working from home, as poor posture and inactivity can create all sorts of issues. Sit-to-Stand desks are helpful, which can benefit breathing control, posture, digestion and clearer thinking -try IKEA or Swiss balls can be fun, and most outlets would sell for under £35 (remember you will need a pump). Excellent for core workouts / exercising and can be used in place of a chair. Try Amazon or A good working chair would be one that can swivel … [Read more...]

Introducing BRIK

Thomas More Resident, Raffaella Baruzzo, introduces us to her latest venture: a chocolate company shaped and nurtured in her Barbican kitchen, and now an inspiring independent business in East London. This is handmade chocolate inspired by textured architectural surfaces, delicately crafted from natural ingredients. Aesthetics, flavours, sustainability and constant development are at the core of BRIK’s vision. Standard Tile 9x9cm (Larger Tiles 20x20 or 30x30 can be ordered) Flavours include: Caramel & Passion Fruit, Orange, Sesame & Charcoal, Ruby chocolate with  Ginger, … [Read more...]

Culture Mile: Radio Local

Hyper-local radio broadcast to the world Culture Mile, the City of London’s cultural district stretching from Farringdon to Moorgate will go hyper-local during the lockdown with Radio Local – a daily live broadcast, bringing the sounds and stories of the City, into people’s homes and broadcast to the world. Radio Local, created by performance artists Hunt & Darton, will be an hour-long show every day from 1 – 2pm, Sat 30 May – Fri 12 June. It will be built with, by and for the City’s residents, workers and local businesses. The show will be streamed live on and … [Read more...]


Update from Anne O'Donnell about her independent local business LONDON EYE OPTIQUE London Eye Optique, 2A Cherry Tree Walk, London EC1Y 8NX, independent Opticians by Waitrose, T: 020 7256 9778 Now open 10am - 3pm Mon- Fri Social distancing will apply. Please phone before visiting. … [Read more...]

Barbican announces new digital content

Barbican announces new digital content to coincide with Mental Health Awareness Week and Human Rights Watch Film Festival Inspired by the Barbican’s international arts programme, a curated mix of podcasts, playlists, films, videos, talks and articles enables audiences to continue to enjoy the Centre’s rich and varied programme. Highlights of new digital content announced today include: As part of this year’s digital edition of the Human Rights Watch Film Festival, the Barbican’s Head of Cinema, Gali Gold, will chair two Q&A webinar discussions with filmmakers and human rights … [Read more...]