Residents re-open the West End!

Barbican Residents Julie Clare and Alex Pearson are producing a show called Private Peaceful based on the book by Michael Morpurgo. It will be the first play to open in the West End since lockdown.  Julie has given us a summary of the production and the booking details are at the end.  Well done, both and we wish you the best of luck! I’ve had nearly eighteen years of yesterdays and tomorrows, and tonight I must remember as many of them as I can. Tonight, more than any other night of my life, I want to feel alive!” Private Peaceful relives the life of Private Tommo Peaceful, a young First … [Read more...]

New City Wellbeing Centre

We have a new wellbeing centre in the City of London. The new site, backed by £451,000 from the City of London Corporation, offers counselling and psychotherapy for workers in the Square Mile and those who live in or close to the City. The centre, located on Middlesex Street in the east of the City, has been offering virtual services during the pandemic and will now open within government COVID-19 guidelines. Sessions will be provided by staff from Tavistock Relationships, which has over 70 years of experience in working with people’s mental health concerns and relationship … [Read more...]

The Great Chamber renaissance

Revealing the newly refurbished and renovated Great Chamber at the Charterhouse The Charterhouse, the seven-acre historic site on the edge of the City of London, is delighted to announce the completion of the major refurbishment of the Great Chamber, the jewel in the crown of our Tudor history.  Made possible with funding from The National Lottery Heritage Fund and our generous donors, the works started in January and have involved a host of artisan specialists under the direction of Richard Griffiths Architects who were awarded the commission. Discover the Great Chamber here: … [Read more...]

Hiver honey IPA beers

Hiver sources raw honey from independent British beekeepers and creates proper honey IPA beers.  “The ethos of sourcing ‘all-British' became as important as the strive for a natural and quality driven brew and so Hiver will always go the extra mile to make sure that all our suppliers are British too, like the people that make our glass, print our bottles and stamp our business cards.” Hiver is available at Selfridges London, Birmingham and Manchester, a growing number of independent off-licenses nationwide as well as Marks and Spencers within the M25. Also available online via Ocado and … [Read more...]

Counting our blessings

At least once a day, I find myself feeling very grateful to be living in our Barbican community.  It could be when I’m collecting a parcel from the car park attendant (who is always there for deliveries even when I’m not), or when I’m walking in the gardens thinking of the poor souls who have been enduring shielding without a balcony or a decent view.  The City and Barbican Estate Office isn’t always perfect and we might not agree with every policy and decision they make, but there can be no doubt that we are fortunate to have their supporting tentacles looking out for us during lockdown, not … [Read more...]

Personal Finance

Further thoughts for the pandemic season In my last article I shared some observations about managing cash deposits and investments in this period of uncertainty resulting from the global pandemic. Whilst this is a worrying time as regards your health and your financial well-being, it can also be a time to take advantage of a number of planning opportunities. Let’s first of all look at what can be done with your estate planning. If you’ve done your sums and worked out that your pensions and investments are more than sufficient to take care of your needs, now might be a good time to … [Read more...]

Insight Arts Review

Janet Wells’ teases us back into the Arts, Gallery and Museum scene Easing out of Lockdown: There were exhibitions that I’d planned to see in the Spring; then we had Lockdown:   However, I have now found that with the gradual opening some were only sleeping;  many may still be in place and with a bit of  planning  you may get to see something for real after all. We are aware though, that it will be a different experience: Remember the time when we could wander in on a whim and spend hours wandering? Now it is essential to book ahead and there may be a limited viewing time.  From our … [Read more...]

Local Acupuncture Clinic

Update : 24th Sept 1) Clinic times have just changed: From Oct 6th every Tuesday 2pm - 7pm 2) For appointments please email: or call 07592 071 379 We've received an update from Fleur Clackson about a local multi-bed acupuncture clinic, where 3rd-year students, supervised by very experienced acupuncturists,  administer treatments. The clinic is keen to let local residents know of their existence (located in Old Street, 3 minutes from the station) and the very reasonably priced treatments the teaching clinic offers (just £15 … [Read more...]


This Autumn, a bright and bold installation will be bringing optimism to the area of the famous Brutalist London landmark: The Barbican. Japanese Artist MAMIMU has discovered the joy and optimistic side of this iconic piece of the London urban architecture. MAMIMU (aka June Mineyama-Smithson) is from Tokyo; where art meets craftsmanship, tradition and state-of-the-arts technology. ‘Barbican Geometrics’ is her study of shapes and forms around the area, inspired by the Brutalist aesthetics of the Barbican. Extracting a sense of order and progress from the regularity of windows, tiles, and … [Read more...]

Eating for Health

Edited by Stephanie Ross with content by Catherine Sharman, Nutritional therapist and Chef/Co-Founder Après Food Co Ltd, 72 St John Street, Farringdon, EC1M 4DT (online ordering available of Après at home tasty, nutritious restaurant meals to eat now or freeze for later) All about minerals | All about vitamins Corona viruses: there are many species that produce respiratory and gastrointestinal illness in humans and animals. Four strains cause the common cold. The pandemic corona virus SARS-CoV-2 causes the disease labeled COVID-19, which has distinctive clinical and … [Read more...]