Putting your belly on Lockdown

Barbican resident and owner of Short Eats gives her bitesize take on lockdown, life and food. There’s a lot going on right now, isn’t there? This Covid/lockdown/pandemic period has set into motion a whole cacophony of chaos; destruction of global trade, record-breaking moves in stock markets, and the doom-and-gloom of recession. Yet, whilst those issues affect us all in a very real way, the majority of us are left feeling the ripples of Covid-19 in our simpler, everyday rituals. For some of us, that means having to go home after forgetting to bring a facemask to the shops (because now we … [Read more...]

New Neighbourhood Policing

The City of London Police recently launched a new policing model, which includes dedicated officers for certain areas of the City, one of which includes the Barbican.  Tom Keating explains the improvements. As part of the City of London Police’s key ambition to ensure the Square Mile remains one of the safest cities in the world, the Local Policing strand of the Transform Programme has recently launched a new, enhanced neighbourhood policing model known as ‘Sector Policing’. The decision to adopt this new model was taken with careful consideration, to ensure that it would demonstrably … [Read more...]

Lockdown Landscaping

An Instagram discovery led us to Bruce (and Fi) Robertson in Willoughby House who finally had the time with lockdown to discover some impressively green fingers! Despite having lived in the Barbican for three years, we had never had the time to properly cultivate our top floor bedroom balcony. Having checked out of The Standard Hotel, where I was managing director for five years, and then with the onset of lockdown, time (and travel) were suddenly no longer issues. We had already bought some vegetable seeds – determined to make an effort this time! In April we started growing on our … [Read more...]

Swings and Roundabouts

No, I’m not referencing the Barbican’s children’s play areas in the two gardens – one of which I can view out of my apartment windows - but the effects of the coronavirus on Barbican property prices.  Nationally, according to the data from those that collate it, property prices are rising across the country and reaching record levels.  But before Barbican flat owners start any premature celebrations, the increase in people now working from home is also meaning that there is a possibly accelerating trend towards moving out of central London to more leafy suburbia, or beyond.  This could well be … [Read more...]


Planning ideas for the pandemic: some new, some not so new! When many of the marketing gurus made great play of this year being the year of “20 20 vision”, they somewhat overestimated the optimism that would be associated with the 20 20 idea. With the benefit of hindsight, in years to come,  we will forever conjure images of 2020 as being one of chaos, death and despair, rather than associating it with clarity of vision. The Brexit debacle has even lost its place centre stage in our thoughts. It’s best not forgotten, however, that unless a deal happens in short order, we can look forward to … [Read more...]

Angler PLUS

There can be no doubt that Angler is one of our best local restaurants.  Merely a stagger away atop the South Place Hotel (a few steps along from HSBC Moorgate), Angler has dazzled with its Michelin star quality for over 7 years and we have been lucky enough to review new menu releases regularly.  The brilliant news of the moment is that Executive Chef, Gary Foulkes, is now inviting us in for Saturday lunches on the Angler Terrace – making for a perfect weekend option for us locals! The Terrace transports you to Provence with its fully glazed rooftop garden room and its retractable roof.  … [Read more...]


Kevin Kiernan has been rummaging around the Museum of London archives during lockdown and has found a Saxon script depicting events exactly 1600 years ago. 420 AD. It was a freezing cold Wodensday. Typical Yuletide weather.  Alaric, the Saxon chief, was standing on Hygghgate Mound, looking down on Londinium.  The last vestiges of Roman occupation were quickly disappearing, soon the Saxons would descend down Hollow’s Way and enter the city as the new rulers. Free from the yoke of Rome, no more straight bananas and no more straight roads for that matter (although the disadvantages of the … [Read more...]

Looking Forward

Last December I fronted the magazine with the heading “2020 Vision” (ironically), but, despite everything 2020 has brought with it, at least we can close out the year with some of the more positive outcomes from the last few months. High-rise cultivators Bruce and Fi Robertson discovered their green fingers atop Willoughby House over the summer months and we’ve included lots of their sunny and colourful photos to cheer you up as the chill starts to bite. We’re lucky that Juliana Lottmann moved in before lockdown because she has enough energy and creative positivity to carry us along with … [Read more...]


Janet Wells’ takes us online for her quarterly review of the Arts, Gallery and Museum scene As I get this together for the Editor’s deadline, we are going once more into Lockdown: However, the galleries may well be about to re – open  by the time you receive this Winter Edition of the Magazine – who knows!  Of course, the same precautions will, most certainly, apply and we will only be able to buy timed tickets; there is little that can be spontaneous in this Covid 19 world.    This morning however, I found an announcement of a programme of large scale projected public art to take place … [Read more...]

Theatre Preview

Gary Donaldson looks with optimism to end the second lockdown! As we head out of lockdown for a second time (assuming the restrictions were relaxed on December 2), I am very happy to have some news about theatre re-emerging thanks to the Barbican Centre. As always, Christmas brings a special show made just for under-fives and their families, the only difference this year being that the show is available to watch online instead of in-person. Those of you who have been working from home or watching material online will already be familiar with video platform Zoom, which is the platform … [Read more...]