Minotaur moves into the Barbican

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The terrace in front of the Guildhall School of Music and Drama has a new tenant: a sculpture of a minotaur, the creature of Greek mythology.

The sculpture was previously located on St Alphage Highwalk, where it kept a watchful eye on events in Andrewes House. The demolition of the highwalk forced the beast’s evacuation, and after a brief hibernation it has now found a temporary dwelling beside the Barbican lake. Ultimately the plan is for the sculpture to be re-installed in the new development at London Wall Place.

The minotaur (‘Colin’ to his friends) is the work of Michael Ayrton. It’s had a peripatetic life since first being acquired by the City of London in 1973. Initially placed in Postman’s Park, it was moved to St Alphage in 1997, possibly as a wry comment on the fact that getting into and out of the Barbican is akin to wandering through a maze.

You can read more about the minotaur here.